It's Hip to Fix a Drip


World Water Day 2019

Its Hip to Fix a Drip!

Final Report of Five-Year Cowichan Water Conservation Challenge

WHO: Cowichan Watershed Board

WHAT: Final report of the five-year Cowichan Water Conservation Challenge, 2014-2018.

WHEN: Friday March 22nd 2019, UN World Water Day

WHERE: The final report is published on the CWB website at Click here for the full report. Click here to download this media release.

In July 2014, in response to extreme summer droughts, a growing population, and concerns about water shortages and sustainability, the Cowichan Watershed Board issued a challenge to all local water suppliers to “meet or beat” Ladysmith’s domestic water use level at that time -- 246 litres per person per day.

Polis Briefing Note: Advancing Freshwater Protection

Tools and Opportunites in British Columbia's Water Sustainability Act

New report from POLIS highlights local opportunities for entities like the Cowichan Watershed Board, First Nations and/or local governments to improve watershed sustainability under BC's new Water Sustainability Act.

Oliver M Brandes & Rosie Simms, POLIS Water Sustainability Project, October 2018

Click here to download the report


Is sunscreen killing B.C.’s Cowichan River?

Stephen Hume, The Province, July 5, 2018

COWICHAN LAKE — On soft early summer mornings similar to those now gracing the South Coast, Joe Saysell would get himself a cup of tea, settle back in his deck chair outside the small house he built for his wife Gail, and enjoy nature’s free light show.

Advisory group recommends raising weir to prevent dry-up of Cowichan River

Increasing height of weir among recommendations

Robert Barron, Cowichan Valley Citizen, Jun 17, 2018

After months of deliberations, the Cowichan Water Use planning process has resulted in recommendations for water supply and storage options for the Cowichan Lake and river system.

Recommendations were presented during a public meeting held in Lake Cowichan on June 11.


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