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Cobs, Pens, Cygnets and Celebration

Rodger Hunter, Cowichan Watershed Board, October 20, 2010

Sounds like corn, ballpoints and rings but they are the names for male, female and young trumpeter swans. The celebration is for the return of these majestic, graceful waterbirds to their Cowichan wintering grounds.

Trumpeter Swans are all about family and tradition. Adults normally mate for life and family units generally remain intact for the first year. The cygnets learn traditions associated with nesting, migration routes, wintering places, and food resources from their parents.

Counting Fish with a Fence

By Rodger Hunter, Co-ordinator, Cowichan Watershed Board, October 19, 2010

The weather has turned in the watershed. On Thanksgiving weekend there is some serious rain. Things got very busy at the Department of Fisheries and Ocean’s counting fence that spans the Cowichan River below Allenby Road and above the Island Corridor railway bridge.


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