The Cowichan Watershed Society

The Cowichan Watershed Society was created to provide leadership for sustainable watershed management to protect and enhance environmental quality and the quality of life in the Cowichan watershed and adjoining areas. Activities of the society include:

  • (a) advocating for the well-being of the watershed;
  • (b) guiding and coordinating the implementation of the Cowichan Basin Water Management Plan;
  • (c) providing timely, balanced and thoughtful advice to First Nation governments and federal, provincial and local governments;
  • (d) securing stable funding sources to support water management activities;
  • (e) engaging local stakeholders in water management decisions;
  • (f) gathering information on and monitoring the health of the watershed;
  • (g) providing and accesssing specialized expertise and knowledge for sustainable water management in the watershed; and
  • (h) developing outreach and educational tools to enhance watershed thinking and increase understanding of water science, stewardship and management activities.

Constitution and Bylaws for the Cowichan Watershed Society, Revised 05 Dec 2016

Cowichan Watershed Society Bylaw 2014-01, 06 Mar 2014