Twinned Watersheds Project: Riparian Vegetation Assessment in the Chemainus and Koksilah Watersheds

Twinned Watershed Riparian Report - Cover Page

The Twinned Watersheds Project of the Chemainus River and Koksilah River in the Cowichan Region of southern Vancouver Island assessed salmonid habitat, water flow regimes, and riparian habitat within the lower reaches of the main rivers. The fish habitat information is presented in a separate report. This part of the Twinned Watersheds Project focused on the terrestrial part of the riparian ecosystems. The main goal was to determine if and to what extent riparian areas are contributing to the health of fish habitat. Specific study objectives were to assess current riparian conditions, describe occurrences of culturally significant plants for First Nations, identify riparian restoration opportunities, and initiate restoration treatments at specific sites. Here we report on the results of the study and provide recommendations for maintaining and improving the integrity of riparian zones within the Project Area.

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