CWB Board Meeting Package -April 29 2024

Orientation to Cowichan Watershed Board Meetings - All Welcome! 

Date/Time: Last Monday of the month from 9:00am-Noon.  No meeting in August or December.

Location alternates between the following 3 venues.  Please check the top of the agenda for the location each month. Zoom is not offered during in-person meetings:

  1.  ZOOM Webinar (link circulated by email and on the agenda) 
  2.  Siem Lelum gym Dining Hall, River Road, Cowichan Tribes Reserve, Duncan. Map
  3.  CVRD Boardroom, 175 Ingram Street, Duncan

Coffee Time: Everyone is welcome for casual conversation from 8:30-9am to connect on your watershed questions or projects before the Chair calls the meeting to order.  On Zoom meetings, after 9:00am, mics and cameras will be active for Board members, staff, and guest presenters only but audience members are welcome. 

Public Input: Anyone who would like to comment on an item on the agenda, or share relevant news from your organization within the Public Input time slot on the agenda is encouraged to do so. Please raise your hand to be recognized by the Chair, and approach the podium/Board table.  For Zoom meetings, please submit input as correspondence at least one week in advance and it will be included (publicly) with the meeting package. 

Document Date: 30 Jan 2023
Author: Jill Thompson
Location: Siem Lelem Gym, River Road, Cowichan Tribes, Duncan.
Event Date: April 29, 2024 9:00 am