Funding Announcement for Cowichan Watershed Board

Hello Watershed Supporters
This is to invite you to announcement of Gas Tax Funding for a number of Cowichan Watershed Board initiatives.
Time 9:30
Date May 5, 2012
Location Cowichan Estuary Nature Centre (at Hecate Park in Cowichan Bay)
There will be very brief speeches (approximately 15 minutes total) followed by smoked oysters and clams with crackers and if you wish to participate a drinking water taste test. Hopefully by 2020 those oysters and clams won’t have to be imported.
May 5 is Low Tide Days in Cowichan Bay so take some time afterwards to enjoy yourselves at that event. More info here:
Look forward to seeing you there.
Best regards,
Rodger Hunter

Author: Jill Thompson
Type : Presentation