Cowichan Watershed Board Governance Manual 2016

The Cowichan Watershed Board (CWB) governance model presented here is intended to support collaborative, local decision making at the regional/watershed–scale within the existing institutional and legal water framework. As an advisory entity, the CWB’s role includes actively working with and encouraging the regulatory agencies to base their water management decisions on the Board’s recommendations. It is anticipated that as the province adopts water management reforms, the CWB model will co-evolve and could potentially receive some form of delegated authority to make some local water management decisions.

This governance manual is a living document that outlines Board’s governance framework and operating policies and procedures.

CWB-Governance-Manual-2016-revision.pdf (Revised October 31, 2016)

CWB-Governance-Manual-2016-revision-tracked.pdf (Revised October 31, 2016)

Document Date: 31 Oct 2016