Speakers Series: The Cowichan Watershed: Traditional Use From Valley Bottom to Ridge Top, with Dr. Nancy Turner

COWICHAN WATERSHED BOARD/VIU  SPEAKER SERIESNews Release, Cowichan Watershed Board, 1 April 2014 The Cowichan Watershed Board/VIU Watershed Speakers Series presents Dr. Nancy Turner, University of Victoria The Cowichan Watershed: Traditional Use From Valley Bottom to Ridge Top Time 7pm Date Tuesday April 22 (Earth Day) VIU  Cowichan Campus Lecture Theatre (Rm 140) - 2011 University Way Dr. Nancy Turner is an ethnobotanist, Distinguished Professor and Hakai Professor in Ethnoecology at the School of Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria.  She has worked with First Nations elders and cultural specialists in northwestern North America for over 40 years, documenting and promoting their traditional knowledge of plants and habitats.  She has authored countless books and papers.  Her awards include membership in the Order of British Columbia (1999) and the Order of Canada (2009).  She is a great teacher and a wonderful human being. Below is a review of Dr. Nancy Turner’s book the Earth’s Blanket. Anyone who has ever read Dr. Turner's work will realize how thorough she is. This book is a departure from her usual style, however. Rather than being a collection of plants and in-depth analysis of their uses by North America's First Nations, The Earth's Blanket casts a much wider net, interpreting her decades of travel and research, as they apply to the concept that "we are all one...". It is an extraordinary work of a great Canadian ecological thinker.

Date: 22 Apr 2014
Author : Rodger Hunter
Type : News Release