Lower Cowichan/Koksilah River Integrated Flood Management Plan – FinalReport

Recommended Actions

A portfolio of planning and structural measures was developed as part of the flood plan. Twenty specific projects that promote the guiding principles and include habitat enhancement as a project

component include:

Dike upgrades or new dike construction
Channel maintenance and improvement programs
Gravel removal and maintenance programs
Log jam removal and modification programs
Selective vegetation removal
Set-back dike construction
Upstream sediment and debris control
Road modifications
Bridge replacements
Recommended compensation projects

The results of this study are intended to assist the communities with developing strategies and plans to address flood hazards over the next decade. The measures include both structural flood control and non-structural flood mitigation initiatives in addition to providing resources for future planning. The aim is to help provide a “road map” leading to more flood-resistant communities and a more natural, ecologically productive and sustainable river system. This approach requires that floodwaters and floodways be seen as a resource and opportunity rather than simply a management issue, and that habitat enhancement is carried out as part of the flood protection work, rather than simply trying to mitigate environmental impacts from new flood infrastructure. Ultimately, the stakeholders, local governments and Cowichan Tribes will need to frame their own goals and objectives in order to implement the final plan.

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Document Date: 01 Sep 2009
Author: Tamsin Lyle, Virginia O'Connor