Cowichan Basin Water Management Plan

The Cowichan Basin Water Management Plan is the foundation document for the Cowichan Watershed Society and the Cowichan Watershed Board.

The Plan was developed to provide actions to manage water and its use in the Cowichan Basin that will:

have broad public support,
protect the ecological function of the system,
balance water supply and use today and in the future, and
increase the understanding of the Cowichan Basin system and its water issues.
The funding Partners (Cowichan Valley Regional District, Ministry of Environment, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Catalyst Paper, Cowichan Tribes, and the Pacific Salmon Commission) decided to dedicate their resources to tackling the most pressing problem facing the Basin — balancing supply and demand for water, particularly in summer and fall. The scope of the Water Management Plan did not include water quality, except when it was related to water supply. The
funding Partners recognized that other water quality issues in the Basin will require future action.

Document Date: 01 Mar 2007
Author: Dr. David Harper
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