CWB Business Plan Update 2019

This business plan was developed to provide direction and guidance to Cowichan Watershed Board (CWB) members and staff in terms of identifying priorities, providing strategic direction over the short and long term, identifying the resources required to do the work and evaluating progress. It includes a five year strategic plan clearly identifying priorities, an annual workplan and communications plan, five year budget forecast and an evaluation of progress to date towards meeting CWB goals and objectives.

Over the next five years the CWB plans to continue to engage in four major areas of work in the Cowichan and Koksilah watersheds: water supply; water quality; impacts to habitats and ecosystems and ensuring organizational health. In order to do so, the Board will continue to support work directed at implementing its seven broadly scoped “watershed targets” which include environmental flows, water quality, estuarine and riparian health, sustainable fish stocks, water conservation, and watershed knowledge.

Rebuilding the Cowichan Lake weir to maintain adequate environmental flows in spring, summer and fall has been identified as the first priority of the CWB over the next five years, with implementation of the seven targets and continuing to build and strengthen partnerships also being identified as priorities.

These priorities are reflected in the annual workplan which identifies timeframes and funding sources required to implement the work outlined. This workplan is formatted in three sections: Target implementation (including the priority “flow” target), organizational development and general operations.

The corresponding five year budget clearly indicates the need for new funding sources to replace the restricted funding from grants expiring in 2019. These resources could come from application-based granting processes but reaching an agreement with the Province of BC for some level of funding support associated with local water/shed management and governance activities as outlined in the Water Sustainability Act would be the optimal scenario.

Finally, this plan provides an analysis of performance to date, highlighting significant accomplishments, including completion of a Cowichan Water Use Plan, implementation of an extensive water quality monitoring and analysis program, and significant organizational development achievements resulting in a strengthened partnership between Cowichan Tribes and the CVRD.

An interest and commitment to water sustainability has provided the critical catalyst to support this foundational partnership and the opportunity to learn from each other respectfully while working towards improving the health of the watershed. The Board has an enviable track record of planning and implementing technical work, creating a culture of water conservation, promoting science-based advocacy and implementing respectful community-based solutions. This business plan provides a blueprint for continuing and enhancing these successes in the years to come.

Document Date: 01 Feb 2019
Type : Governance Document