[CHEK TV] Dozens gather for community-wide clean up along the Cowichan River

WATCH: A clean-up along the Cowichan River is part of an annual event aimed at preserving the waterway for future generations.

Ceilidh Millar reports. 

Dozens gathered in Duncan on Sunday morning to clean up their backyard and the river that runs through it.

“This is a heritage river that is going directly into our oceans,” said Lori Iannidinardo of the Cowichan Watershed Board.

The Cowichan River is a vital waterway in the area.

The river is home to an abundance of fish species including chinook salmon and brown trout.

“This is an opportunity to have the community involved with sharing the knowledge of the river and the value of it for our Cowichan people,” Iannidinardo explained.

Volunteers put on gloves, carried buckets and waded into the water to clear debris and garbage that has been left behind.

“It’s about sharing and educating that we are all responsible and we should be cleaning up ourselves,” Iannidinardo said.

The Cowichan River Cleanup has been taking place every year for more than a decade.

Iannidinardo said the amount of garbage has been decreasing every year.

“Each year that we do come there is less and less,” said Iannidinardo. “We had tonnes and tonnes at the beginning and now it’s a lot better.”

More information about their event can be found on their website.

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