Agriculture in the Cowichan Watershed

A Cowichan Valley Farm

The Cowichan region has climate and soils that are well-suited to many different agricultural enterprises. Of 32,830 hectares of arable land, 9421 ha are considered prime agricultural land. However, about 80% of this area requires irrigation to produce high-value crops, and only 2465 ha are currently irrigated. Access to water for irrigation is a significant concern.

Flooding in the Lower Cowichan

FishNavigatesLakesRoad_DebraBrash_TimesColonist_21Nov2010The lower slopes and floodplain of the Cowichan - Koksilah river system contain significant areas of agricultural land as well as rural, urban and industrial development. Dikes have been built along both banks of the Cowichan River to protect the developed urban core of the City of Duncan and the extensive agricultural and industrialized zones downstream. Dikes have also been constructed on lands of the Cowichan Tribes at various tiines including along the Koksilah River.


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