Resources - Documents & Presentations

Birds: Canaries in a Cowichan Coal Mine? Dave Aldcroft Presentation 21 Jan 2015
CWB Spectrum of Powers Rodger Hunter Document 12 Dec 2014
Cowichan Lake West Bathymetric Map Map 9 Dec 2014
Cowichan Lake East Bathymetric Map Map 9 Dec 2014
Cowichan Lake (1:50,000) Map 9 Dec 2014
Lake Cowichan Lakefront Ownership Dave Lindsay Map 28 Nov 2014
Regional Surface and Ground Water Management and Governance Study Ehren Lee Document 9 Oct 2014
CSRT Terms of Reference Genevieve Singleton Document 8 Oct 2014
Cowichan Watershed Challenge - Lake Cowichan Rodger Hunter Presentation 1 Aug 2014
The Cowichan Watershed Board: An Evolution of Collaborative Watershed Governance Rodger Hunter, Oliver M. Brandes, Michele-Lee Moore, Laura Brandes Document 1 Aug 2014