Resources - Documents & Presentations

CWB - Co-Governance Conversations - Workshop 2 Summary Tom Rutherford & Jill Thompson Presentation 18 Jan 2018
CWB Letter to Ministers Chief William Seymour, Chair Jon Lefebure Document 28 Nov 2017
Collaborative Consent and BC's Fresh Water Rosie Simms Presentation 27 Nov 2017
Stoltz Bluff Sediment Remediation – Sep2017 Maintenance Project Tom Rutherford Presentation 23 Oct 2017
Quamichan Lake Water Quality Task Force Summary Report and Recommendations Presentation 2 Oct 2017
Cowichan/Koksilah Watershed to Sea Cheri Ayers Presentation 2 Oct 2017
Cowichan River Flows Structured Decision Making Process for Fish Cheri Ayers Presentation 2 Oct 2017
Paddling on the Cowichan River Rick Bryan, Edmond Duggan Presentation 31 Jul 2017
Local Governance Update - BC Freshwater Legacy Initiative Tom Rutherford Presentation 31 Jul 2017
Cowichan Watershed Heritage Link to Salish Sea Cheri Ayers Presentation 31 Jul 2017