Resources - Documents & Presentations

Setting a New Course in British Columbia - Water Governance Reform - Options and Opportunities Oliver Brandes & Deborah Curran Document 1 May 2009
Cowichan Weir Operating Guidelines Michelle Vessey et al Document 21 Oct 2008
Taming Stoltz Bluff: Long-term Fine Sediment Management on the Cowichan River Craig Wightman, Marc Gaboury, Dave Murray Document 2 Apr 2008
Cowichan Basin Water Management Plan Dr. David Harper Document 1 Mar 2007
Youbou Lands Project, Cowichan Lake, BC, Archeaological Overview Assessment Arcas Consulting Archaeologists Ltd. Document 18 Oct 2006
A Review of the Cowichan Estuary Environmental Management Plan Rodger Hunter Document 1 Dec 2005
Water Issues Dr. David Harper Document 1 Oct 2005
Water Facts Dr. David Harper Document 1 Oct 2005
Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia Water Sustainability Committee Document 1 Feb 2004
Ambient Water Quality Assessment and Objectives for the Cowichan and Koksilah Rivers Colin J. McKean Document 27 Feb 1989