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Cowichan Recognition Statement & Principle of Nutsamat Lydia Hwitsum Document 26 Mar 2018
2010 Domestic Water Knowledge and Conservation Survey Rodger Hunter Document 28 Aug 2015
2015 Fish Sustainability Target & Low Flow Mitigation Strategy James Craig Presentation 29 Feb 2016
2016 CVRD Drought Factsheet Document 1 May 2016
A Review of the Cowichan Estuary Environmental Management Plan Rodger Hunter Document 1 Dec 2005
Accountability Measures - CWB Governance Manual Jennifer Archer Presentation 26 Feb 2018
Adapting natural resource management to climate change in the West and South Coast Regions Heather Klassen Document 2 Feb 2016
Agriculture Water Demand Model Ted van der Gulik, Denise Nielson, Ron Fretwell, Stephanie Tam Document 1 Jun 2013
Ambient Water Quality Assessment and Objectives for the Cowichan and Koksilah Rivers Colin J. McKean Document 27 Feb 1989
Awash with Opportunity: Putting the "Sustainable" in B.C.'s New Water Law Brandes, Carr-Wilson, Curran & Simms Document 16 Nov 2015