The Cowichan Watershed Board

The Cowichan Watershed Board (CWB) was announced on January 28, 2010.

The CWB is a recommendation of the Cowichan Basin Water Management Plan (the Plan) that was completed in March 2007. The CWB’s mandate is to provide leadership for sustainable water management to protect and enhance environmental quality and the quality of life in the Cowichan watershed and adjoining areas.

The CWB does not have regulatory authority. Its job is to promote wise water management practices throughout the watershed by:

  • advocating for the well-being of the watershed;
  • guiding and coordinating the implementation of the Plan;
  • providing timely, balanced and thoughtful advice to First Nations, federal, provincial and local government;
  • securing stable funding sources to support water management activities;
  • engaging local stakeholders in water management decisions;
  • gathering information on and monitoring the health of the watershed;
  • providing and accessing specialized expertise and knowledge for sustainable water management in the Cowichan watershed; and
  • developing outreach and educational tools to enhance watershed thinking and increase understanding of water science, stewardship and management activities.

The CWB is 14 members. Click here for biographical information.

The Board's 14 members will be appointed by the government partners as follows:

  • The CVRD will appoint three members from the CVRD Board including one member who will serve as Chair of the Board.

    Ian Morrison, Director CVRD Area F, Cowichan Lake South/Skutz Falls, Chair of CVRD, Co-chair of CWB
    Klaus Kuhn, Director CVRD Area I, Youbou / Meade Creek

  • Cowichan Tribes will appoint three members from among the chief and councillors of Cowichan Tribes.

    William (Chip) Seymour, Chief of Cowichan Tribes, Co-chair of Cowichan Watershed Society, Co-chair of CWB
    Debra Toporowski, Councillor, Cowichan Tribes
    Darin George, Councillor, Cowichan Tribes

  • The CVRD and Cowichan Tribes will jointly appoint three or four members-at-large from the community to provide specific local watershed knowledge.

    The Honourable David Anderson, Former Minister of Environment & Member of Parliament
    Ross Forrest, Mayor of Town of Lake Cowichan
    Lori Iannidinardo, Director CVRD Area D, Cowichan Bay
    Tim Kulchyski, Natural Resource Consultant, Co-chair of Cowichan Watershed Society

  • One or two members will be recommended by the federal government.

    Dr. Laura Brown, Area Director - South Coast, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

  • Two members will be recommended by the provincial Ministry of Environment.

    Dr. David Froese, Medical Doctor and Biologist, Secretary of Cowichan Watershed Society
    David Slade, BC Groundwater Association, Treasurer of Cowichan Watershed Society

Advisors and Committees

The CWB is assisted in its work by a Communications Committee and a Technical Advisory Committee. Other committees will be convened as needed.


Board meetings are normally the last Monday of every month, hosted in the Cowichan Valley Regional District's Boardroom. The public is welcome to attend all meetings. Please click the link below to obtain agendas, minutes, and materials for Board meetings.

To reach the CWB

Contact Jill Thompson at or 250-709-0492.
Or click here to use the Contact form.

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